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Articles By Author

Title Date Document Info Author  

Health System Change in Lansing, Michigan

Round One Site Visit
August 1997 Case Study Ha Tu  

Workplace Clinics: A Sign of Growing Employer Interest in Wellness

December 2010 HSC Research Brief No. 17 Ha Tu  

Seeking Health Care Information: Most Consumers Still on the Sidelines

March 2003 Issue Brief No. 61 Ha Tu  

Checking Up on Retail-Based Health Clinics: Is the Boom Ending?

Dec. 15, 2008 Commonwealth Fund Issue Brief Ha Tu  

Arranged Marriages: The Evolution of ACO Partnerships in California

September 2013 CHCF Regional Markets Issue Brief Ha Tu  

San Diego: Health Care Providers Expand Capacity as Competition Increases for Well-Insured Patients

January 2013 CHCF Regional Markets Issue Brief Ha Tu  

Does Type of Health Insurance Affect Health Care Use and Assessments of Care Among the Privately Insured?

April 2000 Ha Tu  

Limited Options to Manage Specialty Drug Spending

April 2012 HSC Research Brief No. 22 Ha Tu  

Strong Opinions Held about the Tradeoff Between Choice of Providers and Cost of Care

Fall 1997 Data Bulletin No. 04 Ha Tu  

Syracuse Health Care Market Works to Right-Size Hospital Capacity

August 2011 Community Report No. 9 Ha Tu  

More Americans Willing to Limit Physician-Hospital Choice for Lower Medical Costs

March 2005 Issue Brief No. 94 Ha Tu  

Benefit Design Innovations: Implications for Consumer-Directed Health Care

February 2007 Issue Brief No. 109 Ha Tu  

Financial and Health Burdens of Chronic Conditions Grow

April 2009 Tracking Report No. 24 Ha Tu  

State Prescription Drug Price Web Sites: How Useful to Consumers?

February 2008 HSC Research Brief No. 1 Ha Tu  

Employer Wellness Initiatives Grow, but Effectiveness Varies Widely

July 2010 NIHCR Research Brief No. 1 Ha Tu  

Assessments of Medical Care by Enrollees in For-Profit and Nonprofit Health Maintenance Organizations

April 25, 2002 Journal Article Ha Tu  

Word of Mouth and Physician Referrals Still Drive Health Care Provider Choice

December 2008 HSC Research Brief No. 9 Ha Tu  

Long Island Follows Bumpy New York Road to National Health Reform

September 2013 RWJF Reform Community Report Ha Tu  

Portland, Oregon: Health Insurance Market Geared Up for National Health Reforms

July 2013 RWJF Reform Community Report Ha Tu  

Health System Change in Newark, New Jersey

Round One Site Visit
September 1997 Case Study Ha Tu  

Sacramento: Health Providers Collaborate and Weather Economic Downturn

September 2012 CHCF Regional Markets Issue Brief Ha Tu  

Do HMOs Make a Difference?

Use of Health Services
Winter 1999/2000 Ha Tu  

Physicians Key to Health Maintenance Organization Popularity in Orange County

August 2011 Community Report No. 10 Ha Tu  

High Cost of Medical Care Prompts Consumers to Seek Alternatives

December 2004 Data Bulletin No. 28 Ha Tu  

Self-Pay Markets in Health Care: Consumer Nirvana or Caveat Emptor?

Feb. 6, 2007 Journal Article Ha Tu  

Striking Jump in Consumers Seeking Health Care Information

August 2008 Tracking Report No. 20 Ha Tu  

Financial Woes and Contract Disputes Disrupt Market

Boston, Mass.
Summer 2001 Community Report No. 11 Ha Tu  

Lansing's Dominant Hospital, Health Plan Strengthen Market Positions

March 2011 Community Report No. 7 Ha Tu  

Options for Expanding Health Insurance for People with Chronic Conditions

February 2002 Issue Brief No. 50 Ha Tu  

Managed Care in California: Cost Concerns Influence Product Design

December 2009 California HealthCare Foundation Issue Brief Ha Tu  

Despite Rapid Growth, Retail Clinic Use Remains Modest

November 2013 HSC Research Brief No. 29 Ha Tu  

Losing Ground: Physician Income, 1995-2003

June 2006 Tracking Report No. 15 Ha Tu  

U.S. Families' Use of Workplace Clinics, 2007-2010

October 2012 NIHCR Research Brief No. 10 Ha Tu  

Do HMOs Make a Difference?

Summary and Implications
Winter 1999/2000 Ha Tu  

Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance: Down but Not Out

October 2011 Issue Brief No. 137 Ha Tu  

Rough Passage: Affordable Health Coverage for Near-Elderly Americans

September 2009 HSC Policy Analysis No. 2 Ha Tu  

Rising Health Costs, Medical Debt and Chronic Conditions

September 2004 Issue Brief No. 88 Ha Tu  

Public Coverage Provides Vital Safety Net for Children with Special Health Care Needs

September 2005 Issue Brief No. 98 Ha Tu  

Exodus of Male Physicians from Primary Care Drives Shift to Specialty Practice

June 2007 Tracking Report No. 17 Ha Tu  

Triple Jeopardy: Low Income, Chronically Ill and Uninsured in America

February 2002 Issue Brief No. 49 Ha Tu  

State Reform Dominates Boston Health Care Market Dynamics

September 2010 Community Report No. 1 Ha Tu  

Insurance Product Design and Its Effects

Trade-Offs Along the Managed Care Continuum
Summer 2002 Journal Article Ha Tu  

Impact of Health Care Price Transparency on Price Variation: The New Hampshire Experience

November 2009 Issue Brief No. 128 Ha Tu  

Alabama’s Pass on Medicaid Expansion Leaves Birmingham’s Uninsured with Weak Safety Net

October 2013 RWJF Reform Community Report Ha Tu  

San Francisco Bay Area: Health Care Providers Shift Allegiances as Regional Networks Emerge

December 2012 CHCF Regional Markets Issue Brief Ha Tu  

A Changing Picture of Uncompensated Care

July/August 1997 Ha Tu  

Surprising Decline in Consumers Seeking Health Information

November 2011 Tracking Report No. 26 Ha Tu  

Do HMOs Make a Difference?

Comparing Access, Service Use and Satisfaction Between Consumers in HMOs and Non-HMOs
March 2000 Issue Brief No. 28 Ha Tu  

Key Findings from HSC's 2010 Site Visits

Health Care Markets Weather Economic Downturn, Brace for Health Reform
May 2011 Issue Brief No. 135 Ha Tu  

Medicare Seniors Much Less Willing to Limit Physician-Hospital Choice for Lower Costs

June 2005 Issue Brief No. 96 Ha Tu  

How Consumers Shop for Health Care When They Pay Out of Pocket

Evidence From Selected Self-Pay Markets
March 2006 Working Paper Ha Tu  

Designing Effective Health Care Quality Transparency Initiatives

July 2009 Issue Brief No. 126 Ha Tu  


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