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Issue Briefs

ssue Briefs are designed to provide readers with relatively short, analytical research results that are policy relevant. Issue Briefs include the broader context for the research and lay out the range of related policy implications. The publications offer original HSC research results, summarize and make more accessible HSC research results that appear in peer-reviewed journals or report HSC conference proceedings. Most of the Issue Briefs are based on data from the CTS household, physician and employer surveys, CTS Site Visits or the Health Tracking Household and Physician Surveys.

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Title Date Document Info  
Getting Along or Going Along? Health Plan-Provider Contract Showdowns Subside January 2004 Issue Brief No. 74  
Growing Physician Access Problems Complicate Medicare Payment Debate September 2002 Issue Brief No. 55  
Has Bioterrorism Preparedness Improved Public Health? July 2003 Issue Brief No. 65  
Health and Wellness: The Shift from Managing Illness to Promoting Health June 2008 Issue Brief No. 121  
Health Care Access For Low-Income People: Significant Safety Net Gaps Remain June 2004 Issue Brief No. 84  
Health Care Cost and Access Challenges Persist October 2007 Issue Brief No. 114  
Health Care Cost and Access Problems Intensify May 2003 Issue Brief No. 63  
Health Care Costs: June 1997 Issue Brief No. 10  
Health Care Perceptions and Experiences September 2000 Issue Brief No. 30  
Health Plan-Provider Showdowns on the Rise June 2001 Issue Brief No. 40  
Health Plans Target Advanced Imaging Services February 2008 Issue Brief No. 118  
High-Performance Health Plan Networks: Early Experiences May 2007 Issue Brief No. 111  
Hospital Emergency On-Call Coverage: Is There a Doctor in the House? November 2007 Issue Brief No. 115  
Hospital Strategies to Engage Physicians in Quality Improvement October 2009 Issue Brief No. 127  
How Physician Organizations Are Responding to Managed Care May 1999 Issue Brief No. 20  
Impact of Health Care Price Transparency on Price Variation: The New Hampshire Experience November 2009 Issue Brief No. 128  
Initial Findings from HSC's 2005 Site Visits: Stage Set for Growing Health Care Cost and Access Problems August 2005 Issue Brief No. 97  
Innovations in Preventing and Managing Chronic Conditions: What's Working in the Real World? June 2010 Issue Brief No. 132  
Insolvency and Challenges of Regulating Providers that Bear Risk February 2000 Issue Brief No. 26  
Insured Americans Drive Surge in Emergency Department Visits October 2003 Issue Brief No. 70  
Key Findings from HSC's 2010 Site Visits May 2011 Issue Brief No. 135  
Leapfrog Patient-Safety Standards are a Stretch for Most Hospitals February 2004 Issue Brief No. 77  
Limited Information Technology for Patient Care in Physician Offices September 2004 Issue Brief No. 89  
Local Innovations Provide Managed Care for the Uninsured January 2000 Issue Brief No. 25  
Managed Care Cost Pressures Threaten Access for the Uninsured March 1999 Issue Brief No. 19  
Managed Care Redux: Health Plans Shift Responsibilities to Consumers March 2004 Issue Brief No. 79  
Managed Care Woes: May 1998 Issue Brief No. 13  
Massachusetts Health Reform: Employers, Lower-Wage Workers and Universal Coverage July 2007 Issue Brief No. 113  
Massachusetts Health Reform: High Costs and Expanding Expectations May Weaken Employer Support October 2008 Issue Brief No. 124  
Medicaid Eligibility Policy and the Crowding-Out Effect: October 1996 Issue Brief No. 03  
Medical Malpractice Liability Crisis Meets Markets: Stress in Unexpected Places September 2003 Issue Brief No. 68  
Medicare Seniors Much Less Willing to Limit Physician-Hospital Choice for Lower Costs June 2005 Issue Brief No. 96  
Modest and Uneven: Physician Efforts to Reduce Racial and Ethnic Disparities February 2010 Issue Brief No. 130  
More Americans Willing to Limit Physician-Hospital Choice for Lower Medical Costs March 2005 Issue Brief No. 94  
Most Uninsured People Unaware of Health Care Safety Net Providers November 2004 Issue Brief No. 90  
Next Steps in Incremental Health Insurance Expansions: April 1998 Issue Brief No. 12  
Options for Expanding Health Insurance for People with Chronic Conditions February 2002 Issue Brief No. 50  
Patient Cost Sharing: How Much is Too Much? December 2003 Issue Brief No. 72  
Patient Cost-Sharing Innovations: Promises and Pitfalls January 2004 Issue Brief No. 75  
Patients, Profits and Health System Change: May 1997 Issue Brief No. 09  
Displaying items 41 to 80 of 138              1   [2]   3    4

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