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Journal Articles

bstracts of peer-reviewed journal articles authored by HSC staff members and outside researchers are provided on the web site. To obtain a full copy of the article, please contact the corresponding journal. An e-mail link to the related journal is at the bottom of each abstract for your convenience.

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Title Date Document Info  
The Changing Face of Managed Care January/February 2002 Health Affairs  
Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance: January/February 2002 Health Affairs  
Tracking Health Care Costs: September/October 1998 Health Affairs  
Health Plan Switching: May/June 2000 Health Affairs  
Changes in Health Plans Serving Medicaid, 1993-1996 September/October 1997 Health Affairs  
Tracking Health Care Costs: November/December 2000 Health Affairs  
Update on the Nationís Health Care System: November/December 2000 Health Affairs  
Withering on the Vine: September/October 2000 Health Affairs  
The Health Status of Workers Who Decline Employer-Sponsored Insurance: November 2001 Health Affairs  
Contrary to Cost-Shift Theory, Lower Medicare Hospital Payment Rates for Inpatient Care Lead to Lower Private Payment Rates May 2013 Health Affairs  
Achieving Health Care Cost Containment Through Provider Payment Reform that Engages Patients and Providers May 2013 Health Affairs  
High Physician Concern About Malpractice Risk Predicts More Aggressive Diagnostic Testing In Office-Based Practice August 2013 Health Affairs  
After-Hours Access to Primary Care Practices Linked with Lower Emergency Department Use and Less Unmet Medical Need Dec. 12, 2012 Health Affairs  
Despite the Recession's Effects on Incomes and Jobs, the Share of People with High Medical Costs was Mostly Unchanged Oct. 24, 2012 Health Affairs  
Fee-for-Service Will Remain a Feature of Major Payment Reforms, Requiring More Changes in Medicare Physician Payment September 2012 Health Affairs  
Safety-Net Providers in Some U.S. Communities Have Increasingly Embraced Coordinated Care Models August 2012 Health Affairs  
The Growing Power of Some Providers to Win Steep Payment Increases from Insurers Suggests Policy Remedies May be Needed May 2012 Health Affairs  
Durable Medical Equipment and Home Health Among the Largest Contributors to Area Variations in Use of Medicare Services May 2012 Health Affairs  
Hospitals' Geographic Expansion in Quest of Well-Insured Patients: Will the Outcome be Better Care, More Cost, or Both? April 2012 Health Affairs  
Raising Low 'Patient Activation' Rates Among Hispanic Immigrants May Equal Expanded Coverage in Reducing Access Disparities October 2011 Health Affairs  
Improving Health Care Access for Low-Income People: Lessons from Ascension Health's Community Collaboratives July 2011 Health Affairs  
Where Americans Get Acute Care: Increasingly, It's Not at Their Doctor's Office September 2010 Health Affairs  
Physicians' Fears of Malpractice Lawsuits are Not Assuaged by Tort Reforms September 2010 Health Affairs  
Primary Care: Current Problems and Proposed Solutions May 2010 Health Affairs  
The Growing Financial Burden of Health Care: National and State Trends, 2001-2006 March 25, 2010 Health Affairs  
Unchecked Provider Clout in California Foreshadows Challenges to Health Reform Feb. 25, 2010 Health Affairs  
Do Reimbursement Delays Discourage Medicaid Participation by Physicians? Nov. 18, 2008 Health Affairs  
Understanding Differences Between High- and Low-Price Hospitals: Implications for Efforts to Rein In Costs Jan. 29, 2014 Health Affairs  
When Medicare Cuts Hospital Prices, Seniors Use Less Inpatient Care October 2013 Health Affairs  
Construction Activity in U.S. Hospitals May/June 2006 Health Affairs  
The Struggle to Provide Community-Based Care to Low-Income People with Serious Mental Illnesses May/June 2006 Health Affairs  
Consumer-Directed Health Insurance Products: Local-Market Perspectives May/June 2006 Health Affairs  
Why Employer-Sponsored Insurance Coverage Changed, 1997-2003 May/June 2006 Health Affairs  
Generosity and Adjusted Premiums in Job-Based Insurance: Hawaii is Up, Wyoming is Down May/June 2006 Health Affairs  
Hospitals' Responses to Nurse Staffing Shortages June 26, 2006 Health Affairs  
Preparing for the Unknown, Responding to the Known: Communities and Public Health Preparedness July/August 2006 Health Affairs  
What Accounts for Differences in the Use of Hospital Emergency Departments Across U.S. Communities? July 18, 2006 Health Affairs  
Specialty-Service Lines: Salvos in the New Medical Arms Race July 25, 2006 Health Affairs  
The Impact of Quality-Reporting Programs on Hospital Operations September/October 2006 Health Affairs  
Health Benefits In 2006: Premium Increases Moderate, Enrollment In Consumer-Directed Health Plans Remains Modest Sept. 26, 2006 Health Affairs  
Displaying items 41 to 80 of 253              1   [2]   3    4    5    6    7

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