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Journal Articles

bstracts of peer-reviewed journal articles authored by HSC staff members and outside researchers are provided on the web site. To obtain a full copy of the article, please contact the corresponding journal. An e-mail link to the related journal is at the bottom of each abstract for your convenience.

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Title Date Document Info  
Consumer-Directed Health Insurance Products: Local-Market Perspectives May/June 2006 Health Affairs  
Contrary to Cost-Shift Theory, Lower Medicare Hospital Payment Rates for Inpatient Care Lead to Lower Private Payment Rates May 2013 Health Affairs  
Convergence and Dissonance: Evolution in Private-Sector Approaches to Disease Management and Care Coordination November/December 2007 Health Affairs  
Creating a Parsimonious Typology of Physician Financial Incentives July 10, 2010 Health Services and Outcomes Research Methodology  
Declining Employer-Sponsored Coverage March 2002 Medical Care Research and Review  
Delivery of Preventive Services to Older Adults by Primary Care Physicians July 27, 2005 Journal of the American Medical Association  
Despite the Recession's Effects on Incomes and Jobs, the Share of People with High Medical Costs was Mostly Unchanged Oct. 24, 2012 Health Affairs  
Differences Between Symptom-Specific and General Survey Questions of Unmet Need in Measuring Insurance and Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Access to Care September 2007 Medical Care  
Disparities Despite Coverage Oct. 10, 2005 Archives of Internal Medicine  
Do Consumers Know How Their Health Plan Works? March/April 2001 Health Affairs  
Do Early Career Indicators of Clinical Skill Predict Subsequent Career Outcomes and Practice Characteristics for General Internists? Nov. 7, 2012 Health Services Research  
Do HMOs Make a Difference? Winter 1999/2000 Inquiry  
Do HMOs Make a Difference? Winter 1999/2000 Inquiry  
Do HMOs Make a Difference? Winter 1999/2000 Inquiry  
Do HMOs Make a Difference? Winter 1999/2000 Inquiry  
Do HMOs Make a Difference? Winter 1999/2000 Inquiry  
Do HMOs Make a Difference? Winter 1999/2000 Inquiry  
Do Primary Care Physicians Treating Minority Patients Report Problems Delivering High-Quality Care? April 22, 2008 Health Affairs  
Do Reimbursement Delays Discourage Medicaid Participation by Physicians? Nov. 18, 2008 Health Affairs  
Does Career Dissatisfaction Affect the Ability of Family Physicians to Deliver High-Quality Care? March 2002 Journal of Family Practice  
Does Managed Care Enable More Low Income Persons to Identify a Usual Source of Care? July 2001 Medical Care  
Does Telemonitoring of Patients—The eICU—Improve Intensive Care? Aug. 20, 2009 Health Affairs  
Does Type of Health Insurance Affect Health Care Use and Assessments of Care Among the Privately Insured? April 2000 Health Services Research  
Does U.S. Hospital Capacity Need to be Expanded? November/December 2003 Health Affairs  
Don't Break Out the Champagne: Continued Slowing of Health Care Spending Growth Unlikely to Last January/February 2008 Health Affairs  
Durable Medical Equipment and Home Health Among the Largest Contributors to Area Variations in Use of Medicare Services May 2012 Health Affairs  
Effects of Changes in Incomes and Practice Circumstances on Physicians' Decisions to Treat Charity and Medicaid Patients March 2008 The Milbank Quarterly  
Effects of Compensation Methods and Physician Group Structure on Physicians' Perceived Incentives to Alter Services to Patients April 2006 Health Services Research  
Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance: January/February 2002 Health Affairs  
Employers' Views on Incremental Measures to Expand Health Coverage November/December 2006 Health Affairs  
Employment-Based Health Benefits Under Univeral Coverage May/June 2008 Health Affairs  
Ensuring Health Security: Is the Individual Market Ready for Prime Time? Oct. 23, 2002 Health Affairs,  
Expanding Care Versus Expanding Coverage: How to Improve Access to Care July/August 2004 Health Affairs  
Explaining the Increase in Family Financial Pressures from Medical Bills Between 2003 and 2007 Sept. 16, 2010 Medical Care Research and Review  
Fee-for-Service Will Remain a Feature of Major Payment Reforms, Requiring More Changes in Medicare Physician Payment September 2012 Health Affairs  
Financial Burden of Health Care, 2001-2004 January/February 2008 Health Affairs  
Financial Incentives and Physicians' Perceptions of Conflict of Interest and Ability to Arrange Medically Necessary Services January 2003 Journal of Ambulatory Care Management  
Financial Pressures Spur Physician Entrepreneurialism March/April 2004 Health Affairs  
Focused Factories? Physician-owned Specialty Facilities November/December 2003 Health Affairs,  
Follow the Money: Factors Associated with the Cost of Treating High-Cost Medicare Beneficiaries Feb. 11, 2011 Health Services Research  
Displaying items 41 to 80 of 253              1   [2]   3    4    5    6    7

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