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Journal Articles

bstracts of peer-reviewed journal articles authored by HSC staff members and outside researchers are provided on the web site. To obtain a full copy of the article, please contact the corresponding journal. An e-mail link to the related journal is at the bottom of each abstract for your convenience.

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Title Date Document Info  
Generosity and Adjusted Premiums in Job-Based Insurance: Hawaii is Up, Wyoming is Down May/June 2006 Health Affairs  
Geographic Variation in Fee-for-Service Medicare Beneficiaries’ Medical Costs Is Largely Explained by Disease Burden May 28, 2013 Medical Care Research and Review  
Geographic Variation in Fee-for-Service Medicare Beneficiaries’ Medical Costs is Largely Explained by Disease Burden May 28, 2013 Supplementary Appendix  
Geographic Variations in the Cost of Treating Condition-Specific Episodes of Care among Medicare Patients July 5, 2013 Health Services Research  
Geography and Destiny: Local-Market Perspectives on Developing Medicare Advantage Regional Plans July/August 2005 Health Affairs  
Getting to the Real Issues in Health Care Reform Nov. 12, 2009 New England Journal of Medicine  
Growth of Single-Specialty Medical Groups March/April 2004 Health Affairs  
Health and the Cost of Nongroup Insurance Fall 2003 Inquiry  
Health Benefits in 2005: Premium Increases Slow Down, Coverage Continues to Erode September/October 2005 Health Affairs  
Health Benefits In 2006: Premium Increases Moderate, Enrollment In Consumer-Directed Health Plans Remains Modest Sept. 26, 2006 Health Affairs  
Health Care Market Trends and the Evolution of Hospitalist Use and Roles February 2005 Journal of General Internal Medicine  
Health Care's Role in Deficit Reduction—Guiding Principles Oct. 27, 2011 New England Journal of Medicine  
Health Center Trends, 1994-2001: What do They Portend for the Federal Growth Initiative? March/April 2005 Health Affairs  
Health Insurance Expansions for Working Families July/August 2002 Health Affairs  
Health Plan Pay-for-Performance Strategies September 2006 The American Journal of Managed Care  
Health Plan Responses to Managed Care Regulation Feb. 12, 2003 Managed Care Quarterly  
Health Plan Switching: May/June 2000 Health Affairs  
Health Plans 2010: September/October 1998 Today's Internist  
Health Spending: January/February 1999 Health Affairs  
Health System Change in 1997 July/August 1998 Health Affairs  
Health System Change: Winter 1995 Health Affairs  
High Medical Cost Burdens, Patient Trust and Perceived Quality of Care Jan. 5, 2009 Journal of General Internal Medicine  
High Physician Concern About Malpractice Risk Predicts More Aggressive Diagnostic Testing In Office-Based Practice August 2013 Health Affairs  
Hospital Payment Systems: Will Payers Like the Future Better than the Past? January/February 2006 Health Affairs  
Hospital-Physician Portals: The Role of Competition in Driving Clinical Data Exchange November/December 2006 Health Affairs  
Hospital-Physician Relations: Cooperation, Competition or Separation? Dec. 5, 2006 Health Affairs  
Hospital-Physician Relations: Two Tracks and the Decline of the Voluntary Medical Staff Model September/October 2008 Health Affairs  
Hospitalists and Care Transitions: The Divorce of Inpatient and Outpatient Care September/October 2008 Health Affairs  
Hospitals' Geographic Expansion in Quest of Well-Insured Patients: Will the Outcome be Better Care, More Cost, or Both? April 2012 Health Affairs  
Hospitals' Negotiating Leverage with Health Plans: How and Why it Changed? Feb. 21, 2003 Health Services Research  
Hospitals' Responses to Nurse Staffing Shortages June 26, 2006 Health Affairs  
How Do Hospitals Cope with Sustained Slow Growth in Medicare Prices? Oct. 1, 2013 Health Services Research  
How Prepared are Americans for Public Health Emergencies? Twelve Communities Weigh In May/June 2004 Health Affairs  
Identifying Affordable Sources of Medical Care Among Uninsured Persons January 2007 Health Services Research  
Immunization Disparities in Older Americans August 2006 American Journal of Preventive Medicine  
Improving Health Care Access for Low-Income People: Lessons from Ascension Health's Community Collaboratives July 2011 Health Affairs  
Information Gap: Can Health Insurer Personal Health Records Meet Patients' and Physicians' Needs? March/April 2009 Health Affairs  
Insurance Premiums and Insurance Coverage of Near-Poor Children Winter 2006/2007 Inquiry  
Insurance Product Design and Its Effects Summer 2002 Inquiry  
Is Health Spending Excessive? If So, What Can We Do About It? September/October 2009 Health Affairs  
Displaying items 81 to 120 of 253              1    2   [3]   4    5    6    7

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