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Articles By Author

Title Date Document Info Author  

Improving Access to Specialty Care for Medicaid Patients: Policy Issues and Options

June 2013 Commonwealth Fund Report Anna Sommers  

Dispelling Myths About Emergency Department Use: Majority of Medicaid Visits Are for Urgent or More Serious Symptoms

July 2012 HSC Research Brief No. 23 Anna Sommers  

Addressing Hospital Pricing Leverage through Regulation: State Rate Setting

May 2012 NIHCR Policy Analysis No. 9 Anna Sommers  

Medical Bill Problems Steady for U.S. Families, 2007-2010

December 2011 Tracking Report No. 28 Anna Sommers  

Physician Visits After Hospital Discharge: Implications for Reducing Readmissions

December 2011 NIHCR Research Brief No. 6 Anna Sommers  

Physician Willingness and Resources to Serve More Medicaid Patients: Perspectives from Primary Care Physicians

April 27, 2011 Kaiser Family Foundation Reports Anna Sommers  


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