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Health Plans

HSC research focuses on the role health plans play in local health care markets, including care management activities, competitive strategies and relations with providers.

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Title Date Document Info  
10th Annual Wall Street Comes to Washington Conference July 13, 2005
Conference Transcript
11th Annual Wall Street Comes to Washington Conference June 21, 2006
Conference Transcript

Health Care Market Stabilizes, but Rising Costs and State Budget Woes Loom in Boston
John F. Hoadley, Debra A. Draper, Sylvia Kuo, Peter J. Cunningham, Jessica Mittler, Len M. Nichols, Gloria J. Bazzoli, Justin White, Robert A. Berenson
Fall 2003
Community Report No. 12
A Decade of Tracking Health System ChangePaul B. Ginsburg, Cara S. Lesser March 2006
Commentary No. 2
A Health Plan Work in Progress: Hospital-Physician Price and Quality TransparencyAnn Tynan, Allison Liebhaber, Paul B. Ginsburg August 2008
HSC Research Brief No. 7
A Longitudinal Perspective on Health Plan-Provider Risk ContractingRobert E. Hurley, Joy M. Grossman, Timothy K. Lake, Lawrence P. Casalino July/August 2002
Journal Article
Health Affairs
Alabama’s Pass on Medicaid Expansion Leaves Birmingham’s Uninsured with Weak Safety NetHa T. Tu, Emily Carrier, Amanda E. Lechner, Kevin Draper October 2013
RWJF Reform Community Report
An Empty Toolbox? Changes in Health Plans' Approaches for Managing Costs and CareGlen P. Mays, Robert E. Hurley, Joy M. Grossman Feb. 21, 2003
Journal Article
Health Services Research
An Inadequate Supply of Qualified People Will Slow the Pace of Health System ChangeLinda T. Kohn March 1997
Issue Brief No. 07
Analyzing the Changing Health System: The Path Taken and the Road Beyond July 2001
2000 Annual Report
Are HMO Enrollees Healthier Than Others? Results from the Community Tracking StudyElizabeth Schaefer, James D. Reschovsky May/June 2002
Journal Article
Health Affairs
Are Market Forces Strong Enough to Deliver Efficient Health Care Systems? Confidence is WaningLen M. Nichols, Paul B. Ginsburg, Robert A. Berenson, Jon B. Christianson, Robert E. Hurley March/April 2004
Journal Article
Health Affairs
As the Health Insurance Underwriting Cycle Turns: What Next?Joy M. Grossman, Paul B. Ginsburg November/December 2004
Journal Article
Health Affairs
Assessments of Medical Care by Enrollees in For-Profit and Nonprofit Health Maintenance OrganizationsHa T. Tu, James D. Reschovsky April 25, 2002
Journal Article
New England Journal of Medicine
At the Brink:Linda R. Brewster, Paul B. Ginsburg December 2000
Issue Brief No. 33
Back to the Drawing Board: New Directions in Health Plans' Care Management StrategiesSuzanne Felt-Lisk, Glen P. Mays September/October 2002
Journal Article
Health Affairs
Back To The Future? New Cost and Access Challenges EmergeCara S. Lesser, Paul B. Ginsburg February 2001
Issue Brief No. 35
Baltimore: Health Insurance Market Primed for National Health ReformLaurie E. Felland, Chapin White, Amanda E. Lechner, Rebecca Gourevitch May 2013
RWJF Reform Community Report
Benefit Design Innovations: Implications for Consumer-Directed Health CareHa T. Tu, Paul B. Ginsburg February 2007
Issue Brief No. 109
Bitter Contract Dispute Reaffirms Blues' Dominant Position in LansingAaron Katz, Robert E. Hurley, Kelly Devers, Leslie Jackson Conwell, Bradley C. Strunk, Andrea Staiti, J. Lee Hargraves, Robert A. Berenson Spring 2003
Community Report No. 5

Displaying items 1 to 20 of 199             [1]  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10

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