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HSC research focuses on the role physicians play in local health care markets, including increased competition with hospitals for patients.

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Title Date Document Info  
Economic Downturn Slows Phoenix's Once-Booming Health Care MarketAaron Katz, Robert A. Berenson, Gary Claxton, Marisa K. Dowling, Caroleen W. Quach, Divya R. Samuel July 2011
Community Report No. 8
Key Findings from HSC's 2010 Site VisitsLaurie E. Felland, Joy M. Grossman, Ha T. Tu May 2011
Issue Brief No. 135
Physician Practices, E-Prescribing and Accessing Information to Improve Prescribing DecisionsJoy M. Grossman, Ellyn R. Boukus, Dori A. Cross, Genna R. Cohen May 2011
HSC Research Brief No. 20
Lansing's Dominant Hospital, Health Plan Strengthen Market PositionsHa T. Tu, Grace Anglin, Dori A. Cross, Laurie E. Felland, Joy M. Grossman, Lucy B. Stark March 2011
Community Report No. 7
Greenville & Spartanburg: Surging Hospital Employment of Physicians Poses Opportunities and ChallengesAnn S. O'Malley, Grace Anglin, Amelia M. Bond, Peter J. Cunningham, Lucy B. Stark, Tracy Yee February 2011
Community Report No. 6
Little Rock Health Care Safety Net Stretched by Economic DownturnJon B. Christianson, Emily Carrier, Marisa K. Dowling, Ian Hill, Ralph C. Mayrell, Tracy Yee January 2011
Community Report No. 5
Northern New Jersey Health Care Market Reflects Urban-Suburban ContrastsLaurie E. Felland, Grace Anglin, Amelia M. Bond, Gary Claxton, Ann S. O'Malley, Caroleen W. Quach December 2010
Community Report No. 4
Seattle Hospital Competition Heats Up, Raising Cost ConcernsIan Hill, Robert A. Berenson, Jon B. Christianson, Marisa K. Dowling, Ralph C. Mayrell, Tracy Yee December 2010
Community Report No. 3
Wide Variation in Hospital and Physician Payment Rates Evidence of Provider Market PowerPaul B. Ginsburg November 2010
HSC Research Brief No. 16
Cleveland Hospital Systems Expand Despite Weak EconomyAaron Katz, Amelia M. Bond, Emily Carrier, Elizabeth Docteur, Caroleen W. Quach, Tracy Yee September 2010
Community Report No. 2
State Reform Dominates Boston Health Care Market DynamicsHa T. Tu, Marisa K. Dowling, Laurie E. Felland, Paul B. Ginsburg, Ralph C. Mayrell September 2010
Community Report No. 1
Unchecked Provider Clout in California Foreshadows Challenges to Health ReformRobert A. Berenson, Paul B. Ginsburg, Nicole M. Kemper Feb. 25, 2010
Journal Article
Health Affairs
General Hospitals, Specialty Hospitals and Financially Vulnerable PatientsAnn Tynan, Elizabeth A. November, Johanna Lauer, Hoangmai H. Pham, Peter Cram April 2009
HSC Research Brief No. 11
Information Gap: Can Health Insurer Personal Health Records Meet Patients' and Physicians' Needs?Joy M. Grossman, Teresa Zayas-Cabán, Nicole M. Kemper March/April 2009
Journal Article
Health Affairs
Despite Regulatory Changes, Hospitals Cautious in Helping Physicians Purchase Electronic Medical RecordsJoy M. Grossman, Genna R. Cohen September 2008
Issue Brief No. 123
Hospitalists and Care Transitions: The Divorce of Inpatient and Outpatient CareHoangmai H. Pham, Joy M. Grossman, Genna R. Cohen, Thomas Bodenheimer September/October 2008
Journal Article
Health Affairs
Hospital-Physician Relations: Two Tracks and the Decline of the Voluntary Medical Staff ModelLawrence P. Casalino, Elizabeth A. November, Robert A. Berenson, Hoangmai H. Pham September/October 2008
Journal Article
Health Affairs
Caught in the Competitive Crossfire: Safety-Net Providers Balance Margin and Mission in a Profit-Driven Health Care MarketPeter J. Cunningham, Gloria J. Bazzoli, Aaron Katz Aug. 12, 2008
Journal Article
Health Affairs
Getting What We Pay For: Innovations Lacking in Provider Payment Reform for Chronic Disease CareAnn Tynan, Debra A. Draper June 2008
HSC Research Brief No. 6
Developing Health System Surge Capacity: Community Efforts in JeopardyLaurie E. Felland, Aaron Katz, Allison Liebhaber, Genna R. Cohen June 2008
HSC Research Brief No. 5

Displaying items 21 to 40 of 202             1  [2]  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10 • >>

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