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HSC research focuses on the role physicians play in local health care markets, including increased competition with hospitals for patients.

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Title Date Document Info  
Does Career Dissatisfaction Affect the Ability of Family Physicians to Deliver High-Quality Care?Jennifer DeVoe, George E. Fryer, J. Lee Hargraves, Robert L. Phillips, Larry A. Green March 2002
Journal Article
Journal of Family Practice
Opening Statement Before the Subcommittee on Health of the House Committee on Ways and Means Feb. 28, 2002
Physicians More Likely to Face Quality Incentives than Incentives That May Restrain CareJeffrey Stoddard, Joy M. Grossman, Liza Rudell January 2002
Issue Brief No. 48
Emerging Health Care Market Trends December 10, 2001
Conference Transcript
Managed Care in the Doctor's Office:Jeffrey Stoddard, James D. Reschovsky, J. Lee Hargraves November 2001
American Journal of Managed Care
Managed Care, Professional Autonomy, and Income:Marie C. Reed, Alison K. Vratil, Jeffrey Stoddard, J. Lee Hargraves October 2001
Journal of General Internal Medicine
Wall Street Comes to Washington: September 2001
Issue Brief No. 43
Hospital Spending Drives Largest Health Care Cost Increase in a Decade September 26, 2001
Tracking Health Care CostsBradley C. Strunk, Paul B. Ginsburg, Jon R. Gabel September 26th 2001
Health Affairs
Tracking Health Care Costs September 2001
Financial Pressures Continue to Plague HospitalsDebra A. Draper, Linda R. Brewster, Lawrence D. Brown, Lance Heineccius, Carolyn A. Watts, Elizabeth Eagan, Leslie A. Jackson, Marie C. Reed Summer 2001
Community Report No. 12
Personal, Organizational and Market Level Influences on Physicians' Practice PatternsBruce Landon, James D. Reschovsky, Marie C. Reed, David Blumenthal August 2001
Medical Care
Minority Physicians' Experiences Obtaining Referrals to Specialists and Hospital AdmissionsJ. Lee Hargraves, Jeffrey Stoddard, Sally Trude August 9, 2001
Financial Woes and Contract Disputes Disrupt MarketKelly Devers, Jon B. Christianson, Laurie E. Felland, Suzanne Felt-Lisk, Liza Rudell, Linda R. Brewster, Ha T. Tu Summer 2001
Community Report No. 11
Hospitals Profit from Aggressive NegotiationsGlen P. Mays, Sally Trude, Lawrence P. Casalino, Patricia Lichiello, Ashley C. Short, Andrea Staiti Summer 2001
Community Report No. 10
Sixth Annual Wall Street Comes to Washington July 12, 2001
Conference Transcript
Health Plan-Provider Showdowns on the RiseBradley C. Strunk, Kelly Devers, Robert E. Hurley June 2001
Issue Brief No. 40
HMO Model Shaken but Remains IntactAaron Katz, Robert E. Hurley, Leslie A. Jackson, Timothy K. Lake, Ashley C. Short, Paul B. Ginsburg, Joy M. Grossman Summer 2001
Community Report No. 09
Provider Network Instability: Implications for Choice, Costs and Continuity of CareAshley C. Short, Glen P. Mays, Timothy K. Lake June 2001
Issue Brief No. 39
Hopes Dim for More CompetitionDebra A. Draper, Linda R. Brewster, Lawrence D. Brown, Lance Heineccius, Carolyn A. Watts, Laurie E. Felland, Elizabeth Eagan Spring 2001
Community Report No. 08

Displaying items 141 to 160 of 202             1  2  3  4  5  6  7  [8]  9  10 • >>

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